Splendid Investiture on the Côte d’Azur 2021


The commitment of the future Knights and Dames of St. Stanislas to the order became apparent and has been formalized on the day of the investiture. The Grand Priory of the Order of St. Stanislas in Germany, together with the Priory of Côte d‘Azur, organized a solemn investiture of both priories in Monaco in 2021.


At this point, we are proud and honoured to officially announce the successful implementation of the investiture, which took place in France on December 4, 2021. The investiture was celebrated in the Church Sacré-Coeur, 13 Boulevard du Général Leclerc, 06310 Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France. The acceptance of new members each year is an apogee for this originally Royal Order. This year, 11 new members, namely four Dames, and seven Knights are an extremely gratifying achievement for the knightly order.



The conductors of the Investiture this year were: Deputy Grand Prior of Germany, Chevalier Wolfgang Gusel, G.C.C.St.S. and Dame Marina, Baroness von Lison, C.St.S., Secretary of the Priory. On the day of the investiture, the Grand Marshal of the Order, Grand Prior in Germany, Thaddäus Freiherr von Lison GCCSt.S., attuned the candidates for admission to the Order: As usual, the candidates have received the accolade and prepared their new path that begins with the entry into the knightly order.


The ceremonial knighting of a postulant at this year's investiture ceremony. With the symbolic accolade by the Grand Prior of Germany, Chevalier von Lison, the candidates were accepted into the order.



The Grand Priory of Germany and the Côte d‘Azur Priory of the Order of St. Stanislas thanked all participants who came to Monaco for this investiture ceremony.



Many guests from abroad - from Poland, Monaco, France, Switzerland, Russia, Austria, Italy, Spain, and Belgium - honoured this event with their visit. We look back with gratitude on this year’s successful investiture of the Knightly Order on the Côte d‘Azur. We were once again able to experience the human bond of the knightly community and look forward to the next few years with full confidence.



The afternoon reception in an elegant atmosphere gave us a few happy hours with the large group of friends. There, on the afternoon of the investiture day, the order members met in a fine restaurant in a beautiful location on the Mediterranean, in Mayssa, Villefranche, for a festive meal. The weather that day also contributed generously to the wonderful atmosphere.

Welcoming the guests in the restaurant, the German Grand Prior Chevalier Thaddäus Freiherr von Lison G.C.C.St.S. With appropriate words, he extended a warm welcome to the large family of the chivalric community and the many guests.

For many it was a happy reunion in a mood of happy, relaxed serenity. The festive mood in Monaco lasted on for a long time. With experiences and memories, strengthened in faith and in the community, everyday life now has the order members back.  im weihnachtlichen Ambiente einer Märchenwelt werden vielen in Erinnerung bleiben, denn die erprobte Mischung aus Spiritualität, Feststimmung und Erlebnis bestimmen den inneren und äußeren Erfolg jeder Investitur.

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