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We are pleased with your interest in the Order of Saint Stanislas and welcome you to our homepage. On the website of the Grand Priory Germany, we invite you to surf and browse as your mood takes you. If you should have questions and suggestions, do not hesitate: your e-mail contact is just a click away. Have fun and many new insights! For a long time, rather neglected, the historic St. Stanislas Order has been experiencing a real "renaissance" for several years now. Taking into account the strong regional differences of the members, coming from all over the world, the German Priory of the Order is increasingly surveying of compliance with the original objectives of the founder of the Order. Since the founding of our Priory we have faced the challenges of the new times, and today is our volunteer commitment more necessary then ever through the great changes in economic and social areas.

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The event of the year 2019 in Monaco!

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The successful ceremony of the investiture and the gala charity evening which were held on 26th October 2019 by the Grand Priory of the St Stanislaus Orden in Germany together with the Côte d'Azur Priory. At this year's gala event the organizers were proud to have created an Evening Gala with many superlatives. In all the euphoria of successful event we should not forget the original ideas which the St. Stanislaus Order was called to. They are the ones who have motivated us to this great event. The St. Stanislaus has a traditionally important role in promoting social and cultural projects and helping to alleviate suffering and misery in the world. Such festive events which bring together so many knights from other orders, guests and members of our own order from many countries to celebrate the traditional acceptance of new postulants in the Order, strengthen the community of our group, give strength to our members' efforts and strengthen their social commitment. Positive attitude to life and confidence should characterize and distinguish modern chivalry. This unforgettable weekend in this special place certainly contributed a lot to good purposes.

 "Vive le Chevalier!" call French-speaking knights,

 "Long live the knighthood!" Would be a good English translation.


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Ordo Balliolensis in Monaco»

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