the Investiture ceremony of our Order in MONACO October 26th.2019


    The event of the year 2019 in Monaco!

     The successful ceremony of the investiture and the gala charity evening which were held on 26th October 2019 by the Grand Priory of the St Stanislaus Orden in Germany together with the Côte d'Azur Priory. At this year's gala event the organizers were proud to have created an Evening Gala  with many superlatives. In all the euphoria of successful event we should not forget the original ideas which the St. Stanislaus Order was called to. They are the ones who have motivated us to this great event. The St. Stanislaus has a traditionally important role in promoting social and cultural projects and helping to alleviate suffering and misery in the world.

    Such festive events which bring together so many knights from other orders, guests and members of our own order from many countries to celebrate the traditional acceptance of new postulants in the Order, strengthen the community of our group, give strength to our members' efforts and strengthen their social commitment. Positive attitude to life and confidence should characterize and distinguish modern chivalry. This unforgettable weekend in this special place certainly contributed a lot to good purposes. The Investiture of the Grand Priory of the St. Stanislaus Order Germany along with the Côte d'Azur Priory on October 26, 2019 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

    On Saturday, October 26, 2019, at 11 am, one hour before the beginning of the investiture, there was an almost home atmosphere in the church, Eglise du Sacré-Coeur, at 13 Boulevard du Général Leclerc, 06310 Beaulieu-sur-Mer. The Grand Prior of the German Grand Priory of the St. Stanislaw Order, Thaddäus Freiherr von Lison- the organizer of today's investiture- cordially welcomed the guests. They met with old acquaintances and members of other Priors, even from other religious Orders.

    The candidates and their relatives were welcomed very warmly and felt after a short time already taken into the great Orden´s family. After the cordial reception by the Grand Prior Thaddäus Freiherr von Lison, all attendees were invited to the church to attend today's investiture. The ceremony of knighting in the church was carefully prepared by our two highest ranking veterans from Brussels, Chev. Herbert Class and Chev. Freddy Smet. They masterfully accompanied the entire investiture ceremony and coordinated the movements in the best possible way. The Investiture Church Service is the highlight of every St. Stanislas Order knighting. The Investiture Church Service in the Eglise du Sacré-Coeur Church was led by Pastor Bronislaw Rosiek.

    Ten postulants were formally included in the Order of Knights - four ladies and six chevaliers - followed by the promotion of four meritorious Order members. With the symbolic accolade in the presence of the Order's prominence: The Grand Chancellor of the Order, Chev. Dr. Alexander Graff de Pancsova, Grand Marshal of the Order, Chev. Thaddäus Freiherr von Lison, Grand Prior, and Prior of the Côte d'Azur, Chev. Wenanty Bronk Marwicz, and a sword-bearer Chev. Yves Senden from the Orden Balliolensis have taken the candidates into the Order. Also, the US Chancellor of the Order, Lady Comtessa Caroline Krawiec Brownstone, and Lady Sophie Schmidt have taken part in the ceremony of the 'knighting'.

    Following the formalities of admission, the new members of the Order have been individually and personally greeted with congratulations and an ovation in their new position. At the end of the festivity two prominent guests from the other Orders were honored with the appropriate highest medals of our Order: the Grand Prior of the dynastic Ordo Balliolensis, Chev. Heiko Bels, Seigneur de la Croix, from Germany and, on the other hand, Chevalier Prévot et Pair du Mont Réal de l'Ordre Equestre du Saint Sauveur du Mont Réal, Chev. Georges Cattelain from Belgium. During the evening at the Charity gala dinner in the chic Café de Paris,

    the Herald of the Order, Chev. Joseph Ritter-Groenesteyn, asked Order members to bear witness in society: "To be a member of the Order should be a pride to one's person, but greater pride must be in one's faith, " he continued, "Never forget, that membership in our community means serving the Order without expecting anything in return. Membership does not mean using the Order to satisfy one's needs, or even to receive ovations alone. "

    The festive evening with members of the Order and guests of honor from many European countries was well suited to recall once again the idea of our Order and the realization of its ambitions: Gross Prior Thaddäus Freiherr von Lison pointed out the moral obligation of humanitarian aid and recalled the convincing activities of the Order in former times. The festive aspect of the Investiture was not forgotten either. Beautiful ladies and well-behaved gentlemen have enjoyed the 3-course dinner, danced and had a lot of joy at this beautiful day in this beautiful place Masterful 'Performances' by high-grade artists have contributed to this. All guests had fun till Midnight.


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