The Projects of the Grand Priory

In accordance with the Statute of the of the Order of St. Stanislas, its main aim is to help those in needs.  This help may take the form of direct support or active involvement in building a better future where all can live in dignity without having to face the spectres of illness, hunger, war or poverty. We have  developed the some long-term programmes: A pilot project for geothermal energy, which would see the introduction of cheap, clean, renewable sources of energy to remove the current dependency on oil, gas and coal. This millions project will be jointly financed by the  EU and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. There are also some other projects runs.

The purpose of the Order activity is to reward prominent citizens of the world, who with their selfless work contribute in different spheres of activity to the strengthening of mutual understanding between people, affirmation of ideals of humanism, charity, defence of rights and freedom of the man. This is on account of many activities in providing humanitarian relief and promoting inter-faith dialogue. This is achieved both by raising much needed funds and also by putting the volunteer efforts and expertise of its members at the disposal of good causes all over the world. Any active members can be promoted and hence be rewarded for faithful service to historic traditions of Chivalry and its ideals, prominent contribution into the strengthening of friendly international relations and noticeable activity in the areas of international aid, cooperation, historical heritage and charity, — with an insignia of one of the five grades of the Order of Saint Stanislas.

6. Julie 2012 Spendeübergabe - Bärenherz Wiesbaden  >>>

26.Aug. 2012 Kirchenfest in Wiesbaden   >>>

5. Nov. 2012 Konzert in Poznanski Palast in Lodz   >>>   Versja polska  >>>

14. Nov. 2012 Koncert dla Paraolimpijczyków w Warszawie - Versja polska  >>>

12. Dez. 2012
Weihnachtsgans-Essenim Frankfurter Römer-Ratskeller >>>

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