NACHRICHTEN - NEWS May 26th, 2024

Graf Orland Maria Machnikowski


A few days ago, we received the sad news that our dear friend and member of the Order, Maria Orland Count Machnikowski, G.C.C.St.S. has passed away. On behalf of the Grand Priory of the Order of St Stanislas in Germany, we would like to express our sincere sympathy and condolences to his family. Chev. Orland Maria Machnikowski was a brother and functionary with heart and soul. One of his great strengths was his extensive and close-knit network in all key areas. His unique voluntary commitment, which went far beyond the usual level, made a name for him and has earned him great respect and recognition in the Order worldwide.

There are countless memories that will stay with us forever. For over 25 years, he actively helped to shape and form the live of the Order. As a member of the Grand Magistry of the Order of St. Stanislas, he held many high positions in the Order. In 2000, he was appointed Chancellor of the Order for Europe. He served for many years as Ambassador-at-Large and was honoured with the Gold Cross of Merit by the Grand Master for his services to the Order. A constant visitor in many investitures in Europe, he was often accompanying the Grand Master Juliusz Nowina Sokolnicki on his travels.

He was one of the founding members of the first Polish Grand Priory of the Order of St. Stanislas, which he founded together with Chev. Stanisław Nowak and Chev. Zbigniew Malesa on 8 May 2001 in Warsaw, on the feast day of St. Stanislas. He was also a co-author of the Statutes of the Grand Priory, together with Chev. Stanislaw Nowak, Chancellor of the Polish Grand Priory, and Chev. Henryk Leopold Kalinowski, Honorary Vice Grand Prior. Later, Orland held the post of Grand Prior of Poland.

Even though his health no longer allowed him to actively communicate with us in recent years, he still attended all our investitures and events. Orland was always there when he was needed and because of his responsible work and great commitment to the Order of St Stanislas, we will always remember him and remain united with him in our love for our Order and honour his memory with gratitude.














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