The mission of the Order of St. Stanislas is to provide contact with unique and captivating individuals with an elevated lifestyle, access to philanthropic channels, and a social circle focused on living and giving the most it can every day.

GET – The Order of St. Stanislas provides its members with luxurious amenities and services that saves them both time and money while enriching their lives.

HIGH LEVEL NETWORKING – Having access to certain contacts or social circles can be challenging. The ELITE CLUB of The Order of St. Stanislas takes a proactive approach in connecting you with influential individuals who can assist you in all facets of your business and personal development.

GIVE – As a  member of the Order of St. Stanislas, you can have peace of mind knowing that a significant portion of the amount you spend on products and services goes towards those persons who are less privileged then we are.

LIVE – By embracing the pay-it-forward mentality; supporting a multitude of charities; and utilizing all of Elite Club of the Order of St. Stanislas membership benefits, you are positively living your life to the fullest extent. Only you can help us keep up with the growing demand for our beneficial services. Your generosity makes a difference for many years to come. Thank you sincerely for your on-going support.


The main goals of the Order are:

1. Promoting mutual understanding, respect and justice between people.

2. Provide aid and charity to the less fortunate and those who are disadvantaged, especially children and youth.

3. Respect each person’s right to freedom in the practice of his or her faith.

4. Being a forum for like-minded individuals where everyone can meet and practice these goals. Nobility and Chivalry are an indivisible unity of selfless spirit, honourable knightly virtues and gracious moral principles; the doctrine of both underpinned by the Precepts of Chivalric Etiquette.

A Noble person is one who has a dignified heart and an excellence of mind - a reverent soul exalted in character, demeanour and presence: one who undertakes an act of bona fide charity or heartfelt goodwill without want of favour, recognition, or reward; one who selflessly offers and renders assistance without pretence, out of unconditional generosity - for the love of mankind, without desiring affection, praise or reverence in return.

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