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The Investitur of the Grand Priory in Wiesbaden Germany 16 June 2012

On 16th and 17th of June, 2012, the 144th Investiture weekend of the Grand Priory in Germany took place in the historical city of Wiesbaden, Germany. The festive weekend kicked off with a Reception offered by the Grand Prior of Germany, Chev. Thaddeus Freiherr von Lison, and the Grand Master of the Order of St. Stanislas, Chev. Jan Zbigniew Count Potocki and his lady wife, Dame Ewa Countess Potocka, on Friday evening at the Parish Hall of the Sacred Family Church, where  drinks and snack were served to welcome all guests.This event was the perfect occasion for old friends to meet again and for new friendships and acquaintances could be made. Everybody were indeed very satisfied and privileged this year to be a witness of the 144th Investiture of the Grand Priory in Germany and blessed by so many St Stanislas Companions, Postulants and invited honoured guests coming from far and wide. The Grand Prior, Thaddäus Freiherr von Lison, welcomed to the reception and expressed the hope that everyone would have a memorable and enjoyable time during this Investiture Weekend. A wonderful feeling of warmth and companionship prevailed throughout the evening with everyone mingling. Conversations were interesting, lively as well as diverse and quite enlightening.

Next day, on Saturday morning, the meeting point for the start of the Investiture of 16th June 2012 was the Church of the Sacred Family in Wiesbaden .


Dhe atmosphere was full of great anticipation and excitement with everyone resplendent in the mantels of St Stanislas. Our Master of Ceremony, Chevalier Herbert Class, called everyone to order. The Banner of the Malopolska Priory was carried by Chev. Wolfgang Gusel and the ceremonial sword carried by Chev. Marek Kramarski, the Grand Prior of Poland.

The solemn celebration of the Holy Mass took place with Parson Priest Dr. Adam Prorok, conducting together with Father Dr. Andrzej Majewski a wonderful mass. In his sermon, he spoke over the sense of honour, service to mankind, the contribution to conciliation and peace which underlines the essence of duty of a Companion of the Order of St. Stanislas. He ended the liturgy with his congratulations to the “new Knights and Ladies and those who have received new honours in the Order of the St. Stanislas".

 We showed him our special gratitude for his holy blessings and time-proven inspired words of eternal wisdom. He had spoken eloquently and extensively about the life, work and sacrifice of the Martyr Saint Stanislas, to the audience. Yet, they were inspired by the effect this Polish Saint had on the life of his people.

Die Investitur wurde durch die Hymne des Ordens begonnen durch unseren Konfrater, Daniel Baron von Lison, der dieses festliche Musikstück selbst komponiert hat.

The Master Ceremony, Herbert Class, called for the Investiture Ceremony. The Grand Master, Count Jan Zbigniew Potocki, opened the proceedings with words of welcome to all Companions, Postulants and guests of the Grand Priory of Germany.The proper Investiture Service was carried out presided by Grand Master Jan Zbigniew Count Potocki, Grand Prior of Germany, Thaddäus Freiherr von Lison, Grand Prior of Poland, Marek Kramarski, Prior of Kujawy, Dame Barbara Bromont Sławinska.

The Master of Ceremony presented to the Grand Master the Postulants which were to be formally invested in the order.

For many newly invested Dames and Knights, this was a high, if not the highest moment of glory and honor in their lives, giving them a new vision and mission in life. All the Postulants were accompanied and supported by their family and friends who, together with the other members and guests, succeeded to create a wonderful atmosphere of unity and solemnity in the church.

The postulant first knelt dow in front of the Grand Master and was ceremonially welcomed. Gentlemen were gently dubbed on their shoulders with the ceremonial sword and ladies gently touched by hand on their head. Following this ritual, their mantels were wrapped round their shoulders, decorations were given and words of welcome and congratulations were spoken by the Grand Master, the Priest and the presiding dignitaries to each postulant.All promotions were presented, commented and esteemed as well deserved, since all the selected members had been working very hard for in humanitarian activities over a number of years.

As well in the church as outside on the forecourt, the official Photographer took many photographs of all participants assembled to ensure that such a special day was suitably marked for the future. Following this, all Chevaliers, Dames and Guests were invited to proceed to the Gala Dinner which was to be served in the luxury Dorint Pallace Hotel in Wiesbaden.At the early afternoon, all participants of the Order of St. Stanislas with their guests assembled in Dorint Hotel for the festive Dinner to celebrate their acceptance and their promotions with the traditional charm and warmth of those occasions. It was just the perfect place for this occasion, the plates, wines and drinks were tasty and outstanding. The time was used also for stories, conversations, speeches, greetings and exchanges of ideas. Here, too, congratulations are to be expressed to the organizers and hosts of this most festive and memorable event. The culminating event took place at the evening with the Gala event, the Paramusix Benefit Gala Concert with many superlatives. It took place in the Herzog-Friedrich-August Hall with its superb interior of high artistic quality, which is one of the most splendid end representative buildings of the city of Wiesbaden. The meticulously renovated Herzog-Friedrich-August Hall, the largest and most beautiful room of the Casino Building Society, is a perfect, stylish setting for such a venue. For the musical treat, a number of top artists participated in this concert.


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